Simple Tips on Blow-Drying Hair at Home


There are different techniques that are ideal for drying the hair after washing at home. One of these beneficial methods is blow-drying the damp hair with a dryer. Basically, the hair dryer is a simple electro-mechanical device, and it is designed to produce air that accelerates the rate of evaporation of water in the hair. This hair drying method is favourable because it saves time, especially when compared to air-drying or using a towel. In addition, you can utilise the device to create different hairstyles at home. Consequently, your cumulative hairdressing charges can reduce over time. If you are thinking about purchasing a hair dryer or improving your blow-drying techniques, consider using these tips for ideal results.

Using the Concentrator Nozzle

The concentrator nozzle in a blow dryer is an attachment that is designed to direct the air flowing from the device. The focussed air will allow you to focus your efforts on specific sections of your hair, making the straightening, drying and styling process easier. If your main objective is to remove moisture from your hair, you should use a low speed setting and high heat for maximum effectiveness. Basically, this will improve your control over the dryer, making the drying process efficient. If you want to straighten the hair completely, you should direct the airflow from the nozzle along the hair length. Start from the roots to the ends so that the hair surface will have a smooth finished look.

Using the Diffuser Attachment

The diffuse attachment in a blow dryer is designed to disperse the airflow over a larger area. This type of attachment is perfect for your home hairdressing if you have short and medium length hair or your hair has natural beautiful curls. In simple terms, the diffuser is fabricated to improve the volume-building effect of air, which is an important aspect for shorter hair. Moreover, it will enhance the curls and waves in natural hair. If you choose this attachment, you should use low speed and heat settings. This will improve the air penetration and reduce the frizzing effect due to high heat. It is prudent to use volume-enhancing spray or curling wet products to improve the results from the diffuser.

Creating Flicks

You should consider creating stylish flicks when using the blow dryer for a more interesting hair style. For this technique, you will require a narrow concentrator nozzle attachment. Use a brush as the air flows over the air and hold the hair tautly. Finally, roll the ends inwards or outwards to create your style.

If you're thinking of changing your hairstyle completely, contact a local salon, such as TG's Hair Studio, to help you with the change.


7 January 2016

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