Unwanted Hair Removal: FAQs


In most cases, young adults begin to appreciate the need for the removal of unwanted hair towards the end of puberty.

There are various techniques used to facilitate the removal of unwanted hair. This article discusses a few of these techniques for the benefit of those dealing with the exponential growth of hair that comes with growing into an adult.

DIY Hair Removal Techniques

  • Sugar waxing: A mixture of water, lemon juice, glycerin, and water is used for DIY removal of unwanted hairs. The warm paste mixture is applied onto the skin before it is stripped off the skin surface using cotton strips. Sugar waxing is preferred for the removal of unwanted hairs due to the affordable and readily-available nature of the ingredients used to make the wax.
  • Threading: This refers to the use of cotton threads twisted around the unwanted hairs. Unwanted hairs are pulled off the surface of the skin by pulling the cotton threads. However, the process of twisting cotton threads around individual strands of hair is often cumbersome. As such, threading is often recommended for removal of unwanted hairs in small areas (e.g., on the eyebrows)

It is important to point out that DIY hair removal techniques are often associated with a considerable amount of pain.

Salon-Based Hair Removal Techniques

  • Hot waxing: This is whereby heated hair removal wax is applied on the affected area of the skin and a paper strip/cloth is used to rip hair off the surface of the skin. Hot waxing can be done at home. However, the risky nature of having heated wax on the skin and the messy nature associated with this removal technique often creates the need to visit a salon or to have a professional undertake hair removal from home.

Permanent Hair Removal Techniques

The techniques discussed above are all temporary solutions to the problem of unwanted hairs. Those seeking to deal with this problem on a permanent basis have two options.

Laser hair removal relies on the use of light. A highly concentrated pulse of light is delivered into the individual's hair follicles. The absorption of this light by follicle pigments results in the destruction of hairs. However, there are concerns about the risk of skin burns from the intense pulse of light produced by laser hair removal equipment.

Electrolysis is the second option for those looking to remove unwanted hairs on a permanent basis. This hair removal technique involves the insertion of a fine needle into the shaft of the hair so as to introduce heat or various chemicals that destroy the roots of the hair. Once destroyed, the hairs are removed using a tweezer.


26 January 2016

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