Tips For Protecting Your Hair in Cold Weather


You're probably aware that your hair can suffer during spells of hot, dry summer weather, but did you know that winter's chill brings its own set of problems for your crowning glory?  Read on for some helpful tips on how to keep your hair looking hot when everything else is freezing.

High and dry

Although it can be tempting when you're running late to rush out of the house with damp hair, this can be extremely damaging.  When the temperature is below freezing, any moisture in your hair will freeze too, making it very vulnerable to breakage.  This can be particularly problematic if you have long hair, which can be prone to breakage and splitting.

Always make sure that you blow-dry your hair completely before you leave the house when the mercury plummets.

Hat hair

If you want to keep really warm when venturing outside on a freezing cold day, you should always wear a hat.  Unfortunately, although hats, hoodies, and ear-muffs will keep you cosy, they will also give you a terminal case of hat hair. 

However, you can preserve your 'do' whilst staying warm by wrapping a satin or silk scarf around your hair before you put your hat on.  This barrier will also give your hair protection against damage from rough hat fabrics, such as wool.

Another problem caused by wearing woollen or nylon-mix headgear is that it tends to cause a static charge to build-up in your hair, and then when you take your hat off, all that nasty static creates frizzing and fly-aways.  You can combat this less than glamorous look by applying a light spritz of hairspray before protecting your hair with your silk headscarf, and then putting on your outdoor head-warmer of choice.

Inside and out

When you're making frequent journeys out into dry, freezing cold from warm, centrally-heated interiors, you are exposing your hair to the risk of becoming dehydrated.  If your hair is allowed to dry out, it may become brittle and damaged, leaving it looking dull and out of condition.

You can protect your hair from these drying effects by applying a good quality, leave-in conditioning product together with an anti-frizzing serum (ask your hairdresser for a recommendation) to help keep moisture locked-in to the ends of your hair where it will guard against splits.

In conclusion

Don't let the winter chill cause havoc with your locks.  Use the top tips given above to keep your tresses looking smokin' hot right through until next summer.


18 February 2016

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