Three Reasons to Consider Shorter Hair During Menopause Years


There's a lot to be annoyed about during the menopause years. Raging hormones, night sweats and fatigue are among the symptoms many women experience before and during the menopause transition. As a woman who is perimenopausal and noticing the increasing number of these symptoms, a change in hairstyle may be just what you need to help cope with the change in your body. What does a shorter hairdo have to do with menopause?

21 April 2017

Put Down the Head Scarf and Try These Hair Growth Strategies for Women


For women, hair loss and thinning can be even more traumatic than it is for men, simply because of the social importance placed on women's hair. For example, phrases such as "crowning glory" have long been used to describe women's hair, and these phrases aren't traditionally applied to men. Luckily, as a woman with thinning hair, you have lots of hair regrowth treatment options. 1. Nutrition-Based Approach If you're looking for a proactive response to thinning hair, consider tweaking your approach to nutrition.

18 January 2017